One of the largest world exchanges, Bitfinex might want a new head office in Zug, Switzerland. About it reports local business publication Handelszeitung.

Moving fifth in trading volume of the exchange was confirmed by its CEO Jean-Louis van der Velde:

“We are looking for a new base for Bitfinex and the parent company iFinex to centrally manage workflows, which were previously scattered in different locations.”

Guide Bitfinex has already held several meetings with the State Secretariat for international financial matters (SIF) and the Federal Consul Johann Schneider-Ammann, head of the Department of financial Affairs. They were an unnamed part of the project new headquarters.

The news about the appearance of the head office Bitfinex has received a lot of support among the Swiss kryptolite. Entrepreneur and member of the Board of the cantons of Switzerland Rudy Noser said:

“It would be amazing if the enterprise of such magnitude and with such influence would appear in Switzerland. This would be an indication that Switzerland can really be a center in the blockchain industry.”

In recent years, Bitfinex has shown itself as the most popular exchange to exchange USD for bitcoin and ether, having reached the fifth position among the exchanges of the world leaders in trading volume. “For an unsurpassed productive December 2017 Bitfinex provide sales in the amount of 110 billion dollars”, — said van der Velde Handelszeitung.

If the migration plan carried out, Bitfinex will work in Switzerland as PKOO, completely taken over the powers of the parent company iFinex in the virgin Islands, including legal matters, financial management and developing and supporting trading platform.

The company considers the decision a kind of “leaving the Wild West” of crypto-currency markets to a more sustainable future.

“We want to be the most open exchange that meets the requirements of the Swiss Supervisory authorities”, — said van der Velde.

The final decision is still pending. In addition to Zug in the list of potential locations for the headquarters included London; however, Bitfinex works with the Swiss authorities to achieve clarity of the legal aspects. In Zug already placed offices Shapeshift, Xapo, Monetas, and the Fund and the management Department of Ethereum.

Handelszeitung does not specify what legal technicalities tries to clarify the exchange’s management in the context of the legal framework of Switzerland. At the moment the authorities most closely monitor the ICO in February of this year, the office of supervision for financial markets in Switzerland (FINMA) published a guide for the initial collection of investment in exchange for tokens.