Financial counselor and Director monetary and capital markets International monetary Fund Adrian, Tobias (Tobias Adrian) said that the IMF considers it important that global cooperation on regulation of cryptocurrencies, although the modest size of this market and do not pose a “significant risk to financial stability”:

We have seen several cases where this new and emerging sector used in fraudulent schemes, for violations of the security regime, the organization of technical failures. This, of course, has a negative impact on the confidence of investors and consumers.

In addition, we attach importance to cooperation between the countries (regulatory issues), as investments in scriptactive are very global in nature… and important some coordination from different countries.

Recall that a month ago the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde) said that, in her opinion, regulators should use a blockchain technology to combat the dangers of cryptocurrencies. However, she also believes that the international regulation of transactions with cryptocurrencies is inevitable.