Lately appeared several variations of the algorithm Cryptonight, and given that different cryptocurrencies use various versions of “kryptonite” it has become quite difficult to distinguish between them and use a special miner for each currency. And here comes to the aid SRBMiner AMD GPU Cryptonight — this software supports all the currently available versions of the algorithm Cryptonight.

As the name implies, the miner is only available for AMD GPUs. So, the coin IPBC has recently launched a new version of the algorithm, but instead of the usual V7, the developers decided to use Cryptonight UltraHeavy (CN v3 Custom Light).

A supported version of the algorithm Cryptonight:

  • Cryptonight
  • Cryptonight V7
  • Cryptonight Lite
  • Cryptonight Lite V7
  • Cryptonight Heavy
  • Cryptonight UltraHeavy

Note that SRBMiner comes with closed source and the collected binaries already sewn the Commission to the developer (it is, however, quite small — about 0,85%). To start mining coins, you only need to make a small tweak in the file config.txt for example, to adjust the intensity of extraction (you can leave setting 0 for auto adjust) and select the correct algorithm for the selected crypto-currencies, and configure the list of pools (you can specify multiple secure).

The software runs on AMD chips, including the latest version of the RX cards, but on older chips shouldn’t be a problem.