One of the leaders of high-frequency trading, the U.S. company Virtu Financial is going to appeal to the court against the actions of a crypto-project Virtcoin. In Virtu Financial think its a Scam that deliberately mislead potential investors by imitating the name, logo, corporate style of communication, etc.

Virtu Financial representatives warn users that not have any relation to Virtcoin, its founders, management or employees. Meanwhile, the team Virtcoin issued a press release in which creates the impression of involvement in Virtu Financial. A cursory analysis of the website and the press release Virtcoin discovered that their content is an automatic translation with lots of errors and ridiculous expressions.

Recall that the attackers are trying to actively use the interest for the ICO of major projects and inattention to potential investors. So, I began “hunting” for investors Telegram Open Network. And two months 2018 scammers embezzled $1.36 billion owners of cryptocurrencies.