The crypto currency exchange Coinbase has a new CFO. Appointed to this position Alesia Haas (Alesia Haas), which had previously held a similar position in an international company alternative asset management Oz Management and oversaw all aspects of accounting, taxation, cash and financial operations, internal audit and working with the shareholders. Also its track record — work with OneWest Bank, Merrill Lynch and General Electric.

According to the President and Director for operations Coinbase of Asifa, Hirji (Asiff Hirji), the new role from Haas expect “acceleration in the approach to the target to create a financial world-class team which will scale as you progress through a period of significant company growth.”

Recall that in January, Coinbase has appointed former Vice-President of operations and customer service Twitter Bhatnagar Tina (Tina Bhatnagar) Vice-President for operations and technology. In March, the team became the Vice-President for economic development and business in the face of Emily Choi (Choi Emilie) from LinkedIn and Vice-President of Finance who is the financial Director of the new York stock exchange (NYSE) Eric Tailor (Eric Scro). A week ago, in Coinbase appeared Vice-President of communications — Rachel Horwitz (Rachael Horwitz).