Specializing in the markets of digital assets company Element consulting Group has analyzed the dynamics of bitcoin futures in the first quarter and came to the conclusion that during this period, the market was mostly in a state of flat and backwardly.

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— The Element Group (@TheElementGrp) April 27, 2018

According to analysts, the fact that the spot price above futures prices, say market players.

“Given the fact that bitcoin futures are traded only for a few months, a “normal” state of the market we can only be determined in the future. In addition, while there is no effective credit market for the cryptocurrency industry”, — said CEO of Element Group Stan Miroshnik.

He added that the identification and analysis of emerging volatile and volatile market trends is crucial for the formation of stable capital markets the next generation.

“Hedging and risk management are key factors influencing the market of bitcoin futures now. A significant portion of traders committed to sell the contracts at the spot price or even cheaper in order to insure against downward movement of the asset. This paradigm determines the current backwardation”, — says Director of investment portfolio, Teas Naval.

In his report Element Group focused educational direction for beginners on the futures market. The company also describes the method of calculation of the futures curve for bitcoin contracts.

We will remind, on Wednesday, April 25, CBOE and CME registered the absolute maximum volume of trading XBT-futures.