Ripple announced agreements with five companies from Europe and Asia. New clients startup will use the billing interface to coordinate xVia instant transfers over the network RippleNet. By attracting more consumers Ripple has expanded its presence in the growing markets of Europe and Asia.

In particular, the agreement signed FairFX, RationalFX, Exchange4Free (UK), UniPAY (Georgia) and MoneyMatch (Malaysia).

James Hickman (James Hickman), head of the commercial Department FairFX, c enthusiastically spoke about the partnership with Ripple:

“XVia we will be able to increase the coverage and act more productively with less. Thanks xVia we will also be able to provide our clients with a platform for transparent and effective transfer of funds, provided RippleNet”.

RationalFX CEO, Chris Humphrey (Chris Humphrey), also commented on the news:

“This is the beginning of a tremendous collaboration for RationalFX and we can’t wait to demonstrate the benefits of xVia to our clients.”

In addition to the announcement of new agreements, Ripple also announced their future plans. Priority areas for startups are technological modifications to the network and connect to it a growing number of payment service providers.

Recall that according to the quarterly report Ripple, the demand for a token of a company in the 1st quarter of 2018 grew by 83%.