The largest cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil Foxbit — lost a total of 30 bitcoins (about $270 thousand) due to a failure, which allowed the customer twice to withdraw their bitcoin balances. The exchange was forced to stop working more than 72 hours.

The exchange’s management in the video blog, explained that until the discovery of the error produced 130 duplicate withdrawals. Realizing what was happening, Foxbit immediately launched the emergency bed service to stop the withdrawal.

When these actions were distorted some of the data providers, now they are recovering, but Foxbit will remain closed until March 14. General and Executive Director — joão Canhada (João Canhada) and Schiavone Augusto (Augusto Schiavon) — assured users that the exchange was not hacked.

“All the money is in reais and in bitcoins. Several customers have returned the duplicated amount, and we communicate with everyone. We have a special Fund to cover potential losses, and the funds in reais safe in our Bank accounts. The platform was not hacked and robbed,” said the leaders Foxbit.

To reassure users, the exchange blog gave links to two “cold” bitkon-purse, which in total stored 7.7 thousand BTC.

At the end of February on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif there is a failure in which the users have got the opportunity to buy bitcoins for free. However, nobody has been able to benefit from mistakes — all transactions have been cancelled, in contrast to the situation in Foxbit.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the President of the Central Bank of Brazil Ilan Goldfine (Ilan Goldfajn) likened bitcoin to a Ponzi scheme. The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the country has forbidden local mutual funds to buy cryptocurrency assets.