The Commission on securities and exchange Commission Thailand (SEC Thailand) this month will present a preliminary version of the documents regulating the cryptocurrency market in the country, and the taxation of its members.

According to the representative of the government, which refers to AP, the Ministry of Finance of Thailand has given the issue increased attention in the hope of preventing the laundering of funds obtained by illegal means, fraud with the use of cryptocurrency.

Recall that a month ago, the Bank of Thailand issued a circular, which was addressed to financial institutions in the country to refrain from transactions in any way related to cryptocurrencies. The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of Thailand had earlier published a statement by the ICO, which indicated that some tokens can be classified as securities.

Such actions regulators have a direct impact on local cryptoprocta. So, recently, after the Bangkok Bank, another Bank, Krungthai Bank, referring to the opinion of the financial regulators: stopped the operations with cryptocurrency via a private local crypto currency exchange TDAX (Thai Digital Asset Exchange), which, in turn, was forced to postpone the ICO.