Manufacturer of equipment for mining of cryptocurrencies and operator of the mining pool Bitmain announced its intention to destroy part of the transaction commissions received in the process of mining crypto-currencies to support the economy of the network.

AntPool, Chinese mining-pool that is managed by Bitmain on Friday announced that it will “burn” 12% transaction fees in the BCH, by sending them a “black hole”, that is, the address to which nobody has access.

According to AntPool, Bitcoin Cash is currently experiencing a “turning point” and there will be a “commonly used public Baccano”, which has led to his desire to support the economy of the cryptocurrency and investors who believe in it.

“Although the active user base is of great importance for the ecosystem BCH, the presence of investors that will keep the BCH is also a fundamental requirement to maintaining a strong economy. Without these holders of the exchange rate of BCH is losing significant support. We believe that they should also feel the benefit of growth BCH and their long-term storage of shares in the ecosystem BCH. Transactional fees earned by miners is an important indicator of ecosystem BCH. If a portion of the commissions will be burned, this will allow miners to split part of their income from the entire network BCH”, the company wrote.

Reducing the number of BCH in use, Bitmain expects to reduce the pressure on the promoted through the channels of the cryptocurrency and ultimately increase its value.

Over the last week the share AntPool accounted for about 7.1% of the units issued in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash.

Curiously, earlier the policy of the supporters of Bitcoin Cash, in particular Chapter Bitmain Gihan Wu, was based on the claim that their bitcoin, unlike bitcoin, is not “a means of accumulation,” but because investors in the ecosystem left by the wayside, giving way to the users who wish to conduct transactions “with an improved version of bitcoin”.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash remains the most successful cryptocurrency in the top ten in growth in recent days, the exchange rate rose to 13% and surpassed the $1 150, and then fell slightly along with the rest of the cryptocurrency, after bitcoin turned about $9 000.