In the night of Friday, March 9, the price of the first cryptocurrency continued the work started two days earlier and continued into Thursday the fall down on a number of exchanges to a level of about $8500.

We will remind, the first sharp decline this week was recorded on Wednesday, March 7, when the price of bitcoin fell from $11 600 $10 500. Before it was recorded another significant decline when always an hour first cryptocurrency, pre-adjusted to a level around $10,000, cheaper by almost a thousand dollars, down around $9000.

The third wave occurred around 4:00 UTC – this time to $8 500. Thus, in less than 48 hours, bitcoin prices dropped more than $2 000.

Simultaneously, a deep correction is going through and the entire cryptocurrency market: substantially all of the assets of the first twenty Coinmarketcap lost in the price from 10% to 20%. Apart is the only NEM, fueled by the news that next week the exchange Coincheck will begin repayment to the investors affected by the January burglary and theft of funds.

Data: Coinmarketcap

Among the factors behind the new collapse of the market, experts have called the recent statement by the SEC that cryptocurrency exchanges will likely have to go through an additional registration procedure, and the recognition of the Trustee Mt.Gox about selling bitcoins for more than $400 million since the end of last year.

Latest news is particularly widely discussed in social networks and forums, but in fairness it should be noted that the sale of the cryptocurrency was conducted at a time when bitcoin is steadily on the rise in price in December last year, reaching a total of $20 000.

Could also contribute to the General negative news background the statement of the head of China’s Central Bank that the regulator does not recognize the cryptocurrency as means of payment and considers that a too rapid dissemination of such unreliable financial products can result in unpredictable negative consequences on the financial market,

As of 06:30 UTC, the average weighted exchange rate of bitcoin, according to Coinmarketcap, $8 641, with a market capitalization of $146 billion Price Ether at the same time was $656, Ripple — $0.76, Bitcoin Cash — $957, Litecoin — $163. Total market capitalization fell to $348 billion, of which bitcoin is just over 41%.