Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has announced compensation to the users affected by the January hacker attacks. According to the representatives of the exchange, the payments will begin next week.

Yesterday held a press conference during which CEO Coincheck, Koichiro WADA (Koichiro Wada) and the technical Director of the company Yusuke Otsuka (Otsuka Yusuki) confirmed the intention to fully compensate for the loss of users, promising to provide more detailed information within a few days. In addition, according to them, next week on the exchange will resume trading in some pairs.

Recall that the hacker attack that affected some 260,000 users, occurred on January 26, becoming the largest in the history of cryptocurrency exchanges. In the attack was stolen 523 million XEM (NEM), which at the time was approximately $400 million after a few days the developers of the platform announced that compensate for each stolen token at the rate of $0,81 per coin and total compensation will be about $420 million.

Upon discovery of a security vulnerability that caused such a large theft, the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) initiated a large-scale audit of the exchange to assess the measures undertaken by developers to protect users. The confirmation required and the financial capabilities of the company, which was a full refund affected users. In addition, the customers filed a lawsuit, demanding to speed up the damages.

Note that the statement about the payment of the stolen funds was made by the representatives of the exchange just at the time when FSA was made the decision to strengthen control over the activities of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange features have not been licensed by the regulator.

In this work, the Agency has imposed administrative sanctions on seven trading platforms, by ordering the two exchanges to suspend service, while others must submit a written plan to improve security before March 22.