Members of the government of the Russian Federation and several Russian businessmen actively supported in launching national cryptocurrency of Venezuela, says TIME.

The publication refers to several who wished to remain anonymous officials familiar with the situation around El Petro. In particular, it is alleged that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has advised the Russian billionaires that are directly associated with the Kremlin. It is assumed that, with the support of President Putin, they were responsible for the development of El Petro.

TIME names the names of at least two of these people: Denis Buddies and Fedor Bogorodskiy. They allegedly stood for the development of El Petro joint venture created by officials and businessmen from Venezuela and Russia to bypass sanctions that were imposed against the two countries.

In particular, the publication of results available in the open search photo of the presentation of El Petro, which took place on 20 February. It shows directly the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and in the front row in front of him and settled by Russian “advisors”.

ForkLog launched its own attempt to take a closer look to these persons. So, if named Denis Buddies search in Facebook special, Newsline gives enough interesting material. For example, was discovered Denis Cronies, co-founder and CEO of hybrid crypto currency exchange, actively commenting on the situation around the closed in the summer of 2017 by the American authorities of the exchange BTC-e (now known as WEX) and arrest her alleged co-owner of Alexander winnick.

“I’ve been trading for over 25 years. I’m a partner platform for trading a self-developed software ATAS. Now we are planning to create hybrid exchanges Zeus, where the bitcoin will be traded the shares of ordinary companies: Coca-Cola, Apple, etc”, — said in August 2017 Denis Cronies.

Quite interesting was the person Fyodor Bogorodsky. However, a special sensation in his participation in the project El Petro, probably not. So, a simple Google search brings news of 22 February, which is today presented as the Directors of the company Aero Trading and President of the Group of companies ALFEBA.

“Aero Trading has provided both pre-primary placement of coins (ICO), and ICO Venezuelan cryptocurrency, and also implemented a technological platform NEM and provided marketing El Petro”, — said Fedor Bogorodskiy.

Web search provides additional information about the Director Aero Trading. So, on the website you can find information about what Fedor Bogorodskiy for a long time has close contacts with the countries of South America, including Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Represented there as the Director of Group of companies ГРУПП5 Fedor Bogorodskiy is also listed as a member of the Association of economists of Latin America and the Caribbean.

By itself, this information certainly does not mean that these persons are conducting any illegal business. However, according to TIME, Friends and of Bogorodskiy are not just billionaires with close ties to sanctioned Russian banks, but also well received in the Kremlin by others.

Moreover, they are not the main person in the project El Petro. As TIME claims with reference to the condition of anonymity a top-the Manager of one of the state-owned Russian banks, which by the nature of its activities deals with cryptocurrency, all the enterprise was conducted under the supervision of senior Kremlin officials, but was originally approved by President Putin.

“People close to Putin told him that this would be an opportunity to circumvent the sanctions. That is how it all began”, — TIME words of the source.

Recall that the official launch of the “oil backed” cryptocurrencies El Petro took place on 20 February, when started presales of the project. Almost immediately after the information appeared that the Minister of economy and Finance of Venezuela Simon Hammer is in Moscow, where he holds consultations on the launching of a national cryptocurrency.

March 19, U.S. President Donald trump has signed a decree forbidding U.S. citizens from any transactions with El Petro.