Venture investor, founder of Draper Associates and a graduate of Stanford University’s Tim Draper among those for whom the cryptocurrency is gradually developing ecosystem, which sooner or later will take over the world.

Last week in the program of the channel CNBC “Fast Money” Draper sat in a tie with the image of bitcoin as a sign of their unwavering support digital currencies. He said that the cryptocurrency is “not subject to the whims of certain political forces,” and that to replace the “international” world is going global.

Given that many believe cryptocurrencies only way “to make some quick money,” Draper told the audience about the positive, however little known the characteristics of the underlying blockchain technology.

In particular, Draper said:

All governments in the world will be virtual. They will be lead by us competition, so they have to provide us with cheap and quality services. While the authorities did not get up such a task.

Draper also noticed that now the only stable cryptocurrency is bitcoin. He expressed his willingness to completely abandon the dollar in favor of the cryptocurrency:

In five years none of us will use Fiat money. Due to all these developments and the hype in the spotlight was bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. And I think that is what we will use them we will pay.

The net assets of Draper, bought in 2014 of 30,000 bitcoin auction the U.S. marshals Service, the United States now amount to $350-500 million he predicted that in three years the price of bitcoin will exceed $10 000. The course not only reached, but surpassed it in November 2017. Questions about whether he is going to make another prediction, Draper said that on 12 April 2018 will make a prediction, which addresses the “whole world”.