The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) published a statement in which it clearly stated: if the online platform calls itself a cryptocurrency exchange and offers clients securities in the form of digital assets, it shall register with the SEC as a national stock exchange or be exempt from registration.

However, investors who want to be under the protection of the Federal securities laws and SEC and trading in securities in the form of digital assets, needs to use the services of companies registered with the SEC, that is, national securities exchanges, alternative trading systems or brokers.

SEC draws market participants ‘ attention to the fact that many companies were duly registered only in words, and therefore before you start cooperation with them should answer a number of questions regarding the fulfilment of regulatory requirements.

Recall that the SEC brought fraud on the market of cryptocurrencies and the priorities of the ICO 2018. However, conducting large-scale trial in the field of ICO, it has sent subpoenas to at least 80 destinations, which affects the market as a whole.