1 may have been disclosed some details of the sensational investment from venture capitalist Peter Thiel and his Founders Fund of the Fund. According to sources, the Fund, Thiel has invested $15.5 million in startup Tagomi Systems, which plans to serve a warrant on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, presenting brokerage services to institutional investors and family investment companies.

Founders Fund Peter Thiel is betting on plans of institutional investors to enter the markets of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Venture company Thiel supports the largest portfolios in Silicon valley, and recently she made an early investment in Tagomi Systems. The Wall Street Journal reports that Tagomi is a startup, the purpose of which is to provide guidelines for cryptocurrency investors, leading e-Commerce. New York-based company recently filed a notice with the Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC) in form D.

In a communication dated may 1, States that the Founders Fund has made $15.5 million in one of the rounds of funding Tagomi, though it’s unclear whether the initial funding. Also, there is no detail about the business model Tagomi. However, in the same form D to the SEC, managing partner of the Founders Fund Napoleon That listed as one of the Directors of the new project. Tagomi plans to launch high-speed brokerage services to institutional investors and family investment offices with over-the-counter transactions (OTC).

Peter Thiel being a Facebook investor and Paypal, also known as a big supporter of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General. Previously, the Fund reported that “accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars” in bitcoins since mid-2017. In an interview with the new York economic club, Thiel said that “has long been involved in bitcoin”, calling them “the gold of the Internet”:

I have been doing with bitcoin and at this stage relate to everything else neutral or skeptical. Although there are exceptions. I believe that the network will be only one equivalent of the gold that you have set.

Tagomi Systems is not the only cryptocurrency project, in which Founders Fund invests. Recently, the Thiel Foundation also invested in the platform for tokenization Harbor. In addition, the Fund participated in the investment in Capital and Metastable Polychain Capital that also spetsializiruyutsya on cryptocurrency investment instruments. In the form D submitted to the SEC, Tagomi Systems did not disclose the amount of their income, and securities offered by the startup are listed as “equity”.