The Bank of Lithuania will release a unique digital collector coin for the centenary of the independence of Lithuania, informs “the Russian newspaper”.

Collectible cryptocurrency already included in the official plan of the Bank of Lithuania to issue numismatic items in 2018.

Despite the fact that its nominal price is not yet announced, the regulator stresses that the digital collection coin can be returned to the regulator at face value, like any ordinary coin for numismatists.

“Introducing a digital collector’s coin, Lithuania was the first to enter a new frontier in numismatics”, — said the member of the management Board of the Bank of Lithuania Marius Jurgilas.

We also know that when you create kryptonite authorities intend to use the technology of the distributed registry. However, the choice of specific technologies and solutions will be done in a special hackathon, organized by the Bank of Lithuania. The event will take place in may and will be attended by it professionals from around the world.

We will remind, in October the Bank of Lithuania has published regulatory principles for ICO in the country. And in November, the Minister of Finance of Lithuania Vilius Sapoka, said that the Baltic countries intend to create a private capital markets, which will allow not only to increase financial competition between countries, but also to expand investment opportunities in new funds.