In the Slovenian town of Kranj (Kranj), a monument in the form of a logo of bitcoin. Metal design created by Alexander by Franceschini and Salman the Chorovicha, took place at the roundabout near the centre of the city. The conference was sponsored by the two Slovenian companies — a developer of mobile apps and cloud solutions 3fs and the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.

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The monument has its own web page. It is noteworthy that it is positioned as “the world’s first monument dedicated to blockchain technology” and not bitcoin. And it introduces some confusion, as reflected in the monument logo is primarily associated with the first cryptocurrency and only then — with bloccano. Although the background of the negative attitude of most States towards cryptocurrencies and endless praises banks and governments to the blockchain (which potentially can provide total control over everything and everyone), this position is not surprising.

Moreover, about bitcoin on the page no words. The authors speak about blockchain technology as an inexhaustible source of new opportunities for companies:

The decentralized nature of the blockchain can be used in health, management, food distribution, culture and other spheres of life. From this point of view, the blockchain technology can be considered as a key and important innovation of the last decade. It not only represents a new wave of digital economy, but also embodies technological landmark that people in the future will take for granted in everyday life. The blockchain technology protects the logic of the automated algorithmic creation of trust between people.

The placement of the monument on the ring road symbolizes a decentralized context:

At the opening ceremony, Macao will send the world a message in which emphasizes its openness to the digital age, friendliness to new technologies and hospitality in relation to progressive thinking, which is aimed not only at optimizing daily life, but also on interpersonal trust, transparency and cooperation.

The official opening is scheduled for Tuesday, March 13.