The representative of one of the financial regulators of China stated that the blockchain works more effectively when it is built on a centralized basis.

Director, information center Commission on the regulation of China securities (CSRC) E Zhang (Zhang Ye) called on the public sector in the country to introduce advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, in the state bodies. However, he warned that although he believes in the potential of DLT technology, it must rely on the use of centralized infrastructure.

“Supporters of the absolute decentralization of the blockchain there is no solid ground, because this software is developed in a centralized way. In the same way as public key infrastructure, which remains an important feature of the adopted bloccano,” said the official.

Zhang E acknowledged that in some scenarios a decentralized environment can be useful, but he questioned the need to decentralize all apps such scenarios should be limited.

“The key to solving problems is to learn how to achieve decentralization through a centralized infrastructure,” — said Zhang ye

Earlier, China called for the release of the state centralized cryptocurrencies.