Now the extortionists on the Internet fades away, they are replaced by more effective tools – crypto currency miners. They bring more income with fewer losses and risks. Sometimes the criminal can mine for months, quietly, without any inconvenience. And the people whose computers he uses for this, I think that they are protected by their antivirus, and their power day and night working for the profit of the intruders.

We can say that no one loses anything, and sometimes the victims may even know that paying for electricity, and pay for the attacker-miner. Electricity is lost, that is, the people affected pay the bills for electricity, because it is very energy-intensive process, it keeps the CPU very much work and consumes a lot of energy. But since this is all distributed and affects a lot of machines, all computers comes at thousandth shares that bitcoin and other currencies. Little by little develops in a lot of money. People may not realize for months that it is absolutely without his consent, without the knowledge of the pirate way of using his computer.

Illegal mining attracts criminals and the fact that the crypto-currency wallets do not attract the attention of law enforcement. Unlike virtual wallets, ransomware which you can monitor and deal with them, wallet cryptocurrency – “it is not clear what kind of purse, it is unclear how updated all the time.” To sum it reduces risks to a minimum.

But the protection against such crimes still exists. For illegal mining criminals use malware that is detected by antiviruses.

“Anti-virus can detect. We already have successful examples when covering very large criminal network, who worked under the guise of legitimate software. For protection, you need to use a modern, regularly updated antivirus. In addition, you must be vigilant to understand that the infection is not from the air, not in itself, and it comes in the mail, through vulnerability”.

Simultaneously with the growth of illegal mining there is a decrease in the number of banking Trojans and ransomware. Now the world has several powerful botnets in different countries, but they are becoming less because the banks secure themselves better and better. Viruses extortionists have become unprofitable business, because the infrastructure to quickly detect, law enforcement agencies, and users tend to keep their data and their loss is not scary. From the point of view of a cybercriminal, the forces necessary to spend a lot and little profit and the risks are great. Compared to this, meinig cryptocurrency at the expense of unsuspecting users become increasingly attractive to cybercriminals. Cybersecurity experts predict a further increase of such crimes.

While Balls believes that the emergence of national cryptocurrencies – cryptolabs could put a barrier to criminal mining:

“National cryptocurrency becomes controlled by the gateway transfer money from cryptocurrency to conventional currency. This gateway will be lost the main advantage of cryptocurrency is its anonymity. The government will not tolerate anonymity, the use of the money without identifying their origin. While you have anonymous bitcoins, nobody knows where you are and who you are, but if you want to turn them into rubles and to participate in other operations, you have to designate themselves, put them in your purse scriptorama”.

As previously reported, the developer of software for cyber security Symantec in the report of the Cyber Security Threat Landscape noted that the number of cases of detection of hidden miners on users ‘ computers for 2017 increased by 8500%.

The research firm Recorded Future in October last year also reported that a hidden mining becomes more popular the hackers of ransomware.

In recent months, hidden mining were found on the streaming services, forums, news sites — sites where users can find rather long time. Programs-the miners attacked the extensions browsers, instant messengers, and Android applications.