American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has launched its first official mobile app for the trading of virtual assets.

According to the statement in the blog of the startup Circle, which owns the exchange, the app is available in two versions — for Android and iOS will be the only official app Poloniex. Team exchange underlines this fact, because customers are probably accustomed to a variety of user support services created by third party developers.

Some of these independent applications have earned the trust of users thanks to features, literally essential for traders. On the other hand, the lack of official apps seem like a great idea for earning different group of developers: several of the fraudulent applications were removed from Google Play, though, after being downloaded by thousands of users.

The Poloniex team hopes that the mobile version will provide a new level of customer service across all platforms of the exchange. Users will have access to a number of functions, such as updating real-time quotes on all markets, graphics at different time intervals, the option of controlling the individual Minami and the ability to create alerts on the change of course.

According to the statement, iPhone owners can already test the operation of the service: the iOS version is fully functional. In order to start working with the exchange on your smartphone, users need to generate an API key on the website Poloniex, the service includes detailed instruction.

Note, the official release of a mobile application is just one of the many changes that have occurred in Poloniex for this year. As you know, in February the exchange was bought by Circle funded by giant Goldman Sachs — the deal was $400 million.

However, the changes began even earlier. At the end of 2017 Poloniex has introduced a mandatory verification of accounts to comply with the system “Know your customer” (KYC) by announcing tough measures for those who refuse to undergo the necessary procedure.

In may of this year, the exchange has really frozen the accounts of unverified users, breaking a promise to notify their customers prior to the beginning of a new phase of the verification process.

According to the statement, the exchange team is planning further changes, and the first one will again be relevant to the confirmation of the identity of users — mobile verification process should become easier.

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