The ranks of the supporters of the theory of “bitcoin bubble” joins Creator of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales (Jimmy Wales). During the “top secret” speech at the two-day blockchain Blockshow conference, held in Berlin, Wales said:

“Tryptomer, no doubt, is in the bladder. It is unlikely that many can argue with that”.

Co-founder of the largest free online encyclopedia stressed that the industry needs “real journalism” to be objective, and cryptologist should be prepared for the fact that ultimately this market is waiting for a complete collapse. However, to predict the exact date of “the disaster”, he did not.

“Feature of bubbles is that nobody knows exactly when they will burst,” said Wales.

It is worth noting that the Wikimedia Foundation began to accept donations in bitcoins back in 2014, immediately after the Declaration of Wales that he was “playing with BTC”. A voluntary contribution of organizations you can send 12 different ways. Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency accepted, but at the moment this payment option is temporarily unavailable.

The Creator of Wikipedia is skeptical not only in relation to bitcoin, but primary offerings of coins (ICO). So in an interview he gave to CNBC last October, Wales said:

“I think blockchain is very interesting technology, but right now she’s got a lot of hype. Therefore, there is a lot of ICO, which, in my opinion, is nothing but a fraud, and people should keep an eye on when they come into this space”.

For six months he had not changed his opinion in an interview with VentureBeat two weeks ago said that nearly all the ICO do not offer anything valuable to the world.

“I’m not saying that the concept of ICO is bad — just that we are in a bubble, so people do a lot of stuff that has no meaning outside of this bubble. We already experienced this during the dotcom bubble”.

That bitcoin is in a bubble, periodically expressed by prominent figures in technology and financial industry. A recent example is Alibaba founder Jack MA, who announced this idea two weeks ago at the conference of the Intelligence World Conference.

However, the number of “bitcoin bulls” not immaterial. Among them — the co-founder Fundstat Tom Lee (Tom Lee) predicted the rise of bitcoin to $25 000 by the end of 2018, and co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian (Alexis Ohanian), who in his predictions went even further, and I am sure that the price of ether may be $15 000 per coin, and bitcoin is able to return to its absolute maximum of $20 000.