Private rating Agency Weiss Ratings, the only among the agencies of such kind of publishing related digital currencies announced new cryptorouter, including 93 of the currency.

Agency officials first talked about the two key criteria for the assessment of coins: the first is technology and the prevalence of cryptocurrency, and the second is the risk and reward ratio. The Agency’s founder Martin D. Weiss noted that these two parameters are of interest for developers and investors:

Developers need to estimate based solely on what their cryptocurrency project has achieved in the context of technology and the spread regardless of market movements. Investors, by contrast, are more interested in how much money they can earn or lose. The Weiss rating is the combination of these parameters. But we also divide the evaluation into components so that users can better understand what it includes.

Only seven coins with a market capitalization over $5 billion has received a rating of B – or higher. This bitcoin Cardano, EOS, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar and TRON. The analysts compiled the table below shows what the assets earned on each item. Bitcoin is generally assessed at B, while Cardano and EOS awarded a mark B.

Four coins with a market capitalization of more than $100 million received the lowest marks: Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private and ReddCoin was described as “weak” and Electroneum — as “very weak” token.

None of the 93 largest in terms of capitalization of cryptocurrencies has not received marks of A, A+ and A- (“excellent”). 14 cryptocurrency received a rating of B or B- (“good”), 54 — grades C, C+ or C- (“fair”), 16 — level D, D+ and D- (“weak”), and 9 — E, E+ and E- (“very weak”).

The representatives of the Agency explained that the rating is made using a complex algorithm. According to them, early digital currencies had to be more widespread, however, are lagging behind in terms of technology and more advanced technologically coins have not had time to gain popularity. Analysts Weiss noted that none of the cryptocurrency does not have that balance of risk and reward that is inherent to many traditional investments.