The messenger Telegram has launched a tool of personal identification — a kind of KYC (approx. the system of “Know your customer) for ICO.

According to a statement in the company blog, the solution, called the Passport Telegram, represents a single authorization mechanism to access the services, requesting identity information. Telegram Passport encodes personal information ID — used by system end-to-end encryption, allowing the user to safely transfer data to third parties, namely “financial institutions, ICO, and so forth.” The solution simplifies the authorization procedure in all subsequent cases, when it is needed: all requested information has already been introduced.

“Telegram for the data — just a random collection of words, and we will not have access to information that you store in your Telegram Passport,” reads the blog.

According to the command of the messenger, the user ID, some time will be stored on Telegram cloud, but “in the future all Passport data Telegram is transferred to the decentralized cloud.”

New tool integrated with the platform operator of digital payments, ePayments, a team which, in turn, confirmed the information in his Telegram channel, noting that “verification may be carried out in just a few clicks.”

It is worth noting that recently the CEO and founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov was included in the annual ranking of the Fortune magazine “40 Under 40” (approx. the ranking of the most influential people in the world who are under 40 years old). As written by journalists, one of the reasons for this was “the most extravagant ICO today” carried out by the company: in March this year, Telegram has completed two private financing round of the project, the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network.

Having collected $850 in the framework of the pre-sale, the company soon announced that if the platform cannot be launched by October 2019, the parties ICO does not receive full compensation for the investment. A few days later, a new statement — Telegram announced that the public ICO will not take place because of the sale of future cryptocurrency platform TON was quite a narrow circle of specially selected investors. In the end, the total amount of funds invested in the platform and the future of digital currency, the company reached $1.7 billion.

As to the ePayments platform, launched in 2011, it is known that it provides payment services to more than 500 000 independent clients and 1000 companies around the world, and its digital payments service supports transactions in multiple cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), bitcoin cash (BCH), litecoin (LTC) and others.

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