Held in may this year, companies Wells Fargo and Gallup online survey of U.S. investors of more than $10 thousand in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, showed that of 1921 respondents bitcoins keep 2%, while the interest they are showing 26%.

72% of respondents said they are willing to invest in the cryptocurrency, and the proportion of those considering such investment in the near future amounted to less than 0.5%.

Wells Fargo и Gallup

Bitcoin gained 3% of men and 1% women. While such investments are more likely people with higher incomes. Thus, among those whose earnings reach $90 thousand, the cryptocurrency has gained 3% and for investors with a low income fell 1% owners of bitcoins.

However, 75% of those who took part in the survey think that investing in bitcoins is extremely risky, and 23% considered them “risky”.

Wells Fargo и Gallup

About bitcoin you know 96% of respondents. It’s mostly men aged 18-49 years with an income of less than $100 thousand. 29% confirmed that in some degree versed in the subject, and the remaining 67% said that although heard about cryptocurrencies, I know about them a little.

Wells Fargo и Gallup

Recall that of the 400 organisations surveyed in March at the industry conference Context Summits in Miami, 27% believe cryptocurrency legitimate asset class, and 26% took them to the fraud. To invest in crypto currencies ready to 11% institutional investors USA.

Thus, according to the survey conducted by the investment company IW Capital, 7% of Britons believe that bitcoin is more valuable than traditional stocks and investments in securities, and 5% of those who invested in scriptactive, received financial benefits. However, the results of a survey conducted by research company Ipsos to order of ING Bank, show that the number of European investors in cryptocurrency can be increased by almost three times in the near future.