Journalistic blockchain startup Civil signed a partnership agreement with one of the largest news agencies Associated Press (AP). In cooperation startup will supply licensed news content from agencies to editions that use the blockchain-a platform Civil. The company announced on its official website earlier in the week.

AP has in its disposal of part of the tokens, Civil (CVL) and considers this collaboration as a way to explore the possibilities of the blockchain to control the movement and use of the content of the Agency, the protection of intellectual property rights and compliance with journalistic ethics.

“The Associated Press for more than two decades, moving into new digital territory, and Civil gives us a different space with interesting technology that helps to stay committed to the principles of good journalism,” said senior Vice President on strategic issues and business development of the company, Jim Kennedy (Jim Kennedy).

A dense work of media giant with the start-up has the potential to resolve long-standing issues of journalism, including the establishment of property rights, improving licensing and monitoring compliance with ethical standards. In particular, the issue of authorship and licensing can be solved through the use of smart contracts when distributing content on the blockchain network. Similarly, it is possible to track the movement of content, its use and analyze the interest of the Internet audience.

In addition, Civil has a reward system for high-quality content created in accordance with the principles of journalistic ethics. According to representatives of the company, the rewards will grow with the growth of the community involved in their project.

“From the first day we said we only work with those organizations – large and small, who adhere to standards of journalistic ethics. We are not trying to reinvent these standards, we want to change the approach to their implementation. To build a new economy for journalism, in which the creation of quality content will be the main incentive for all participants,” — explains the idea of team Civil.

In addition to the Associated Press in the list of partners of the young company is home to the international center for journalists of United States, European journalism center, the Institute of journalism at the Reynolds School of journalism Missouri and others. In June to Civil also joined by journalists who left the job at the Denver Post. They decided to start their own publication called Colorado Sun.