Italian “Rimini” was the world’s first football club, purchased for the cryptocurrency: company Heritage Sport Holdings acquired a 25% stake, using Quantocoin (QTCT).

This past Monday a press-conferences shared Giorgio Grassi (Giorgio Grassi), President of the club “Rimini”, was founded in 1912 and speaker in series C. Heritage Sport Holdings appeared in 2013 in Dubai. The company, on the one hand, is an intermediary when buying football clubs playing in the First division of the football League and in the Championship of Spain on football, and with another — the investor and the owner of soccer-related businesses in several countries in Europe and Asia.

About Heritage Sport Holdings cryptologist learned after a recent incident with the British “Gibraltar of the United”, who said he would pay part of the wages of players in the cryptocurrency QTCT mediated sports holding. Interestingly, the club owner Pablo Dana (Dana Pablo) also works directly with Heritage Sports Holdings and the project team Quantocoin. According to Forbes, Dana is confident that the purchase of “Rimini” will launch a series of similar transactions with the company. According to him, cryptocurrency and blockchain-technologies may become good tool in the fight against corruption in the football industry, and also is able to increase the efficiency of many administrative procedures related to the operation of a professional sports club.

“We are already working on ideas that the UEFA wants to implement,” — said the owner of the “Gibraltar United”.

The Union of European football associations actively working on the idea of using the blockchain application to sell tickets for the matches. In mid-August, UEFA has announced that it has successfully completed testing of such mobile applications in the implementation of tickets for the Champions League match between “real” and “Atletico” (Madrid). With the new service, the organization hopes to solve the problem of speculation and counterfeiting of tickets.

Also in August, there was another event that demonstrated the growing relationship of football with cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. We are talking about partnership agreements seven of the top English clubs with eToro. eToro will now be able to advertise at football stadiums and other sponsorship, paying the clubs in bitcoins.