Blockchain-draft Origin Protocol dedicated to the creation of a decentralized marketplace, released a P2P app to share messages developed on the basis of Ethereum.

On Wednesday, the developers of the Origin wrote in his blog that a demo version of their market platforms now include a messaging feature that allows you to create an encrypted channel of communication between buyers and sellers.

This technology uses Ethereum addresses of the users as the public ID to send and receive test messages, while the content itself is encrypted using the private keys of users. However, as stated in the blog, because these data are not transmitted in the Ethereum network, sending messages does not require the payment of gas, as is the case with ordinary transactions in Ethereum.

In addition, messages will be stored by using a communication Protocol Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a technology that distributes data across a network of computers, as well as helping to keep the blockchain links to the user content.

Since the decentralized market between buyers and sellers can occur disputes, the application uses the standard ERC-725, which binds to a particular Ethereum address and allows third-party arbitrator to check the history of conversations with the consent of one of the participants.

The developers, Origin also announced that they plan to expand their P2P messenger exchange between decentralized applications, multimedia content and readable by machines message.

Shortly before that – in June – Origin has attracted $ 6 million with the help of ICO.

Own blockchain messaging plan to develop and other companies/agencies, including Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange and the Ministry of defense.

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