IOTA launches the Hub — the platform for managing native tokens IOTA Tangle with open source. About it company’s chief engineer Edward Manes (Edward Greve) said today on our corporate blog.

On the basis of the IOTA Hub — based APIs gRPC, Google framework for calling remote procedures. The platform resolves a number of difficulties that arise when working with Les, such as controlling the LEDs, the lack of dual signatures, the re-promotion of batches of transactions, and monitoring of evidence and addresses deposits.

IOTA Hub can be directly connected to other platforms; for example, the exchange can use it for listing token IOTA, which will greatly reduce the required to complete the process, the amount of time from several months to several weeks.

In addition, the Protocol Hub allows you to use “third-party” signature when there is a special device that generates a salt for transactions, but do not have access to the database itself. The Hub server must be connected to the database, but does not generate salt. According to Mane, this method is much more reliable than conventional signatures:

“The data are exchanged via a secure gRPC channel. Due to this increased operational security because the attacker will not be able to obtain full control over the reserves of the exchange by connecting to just one system.”

According to Mane, the source code, and detailed instructions for cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers IoT services will soon appear in the repository company GitHub. The developers expect that the innovation will promote growth of client base.

It is unknown whether the functionality of Hub, any solution to the problem of “parasitic networks”, which destabilisateur throughput Tangle and distort the indicators of the TPS and CTPS.

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