The project team IOTA Foundation has announced the completion of the Hub – a new software designed for cryptocurrency exchanges and other providers of digital services.

The IOTA Foundation is excited to announce the IOTA Hubhttps://t.co/olyG5c4SNp#IOTA

— IOTA (@iotatoken) August 3, 2018

Hub is a standards-based solution with open source code, designed to facilitate the integration of the network IOTA with other platforms through the use of gRPC API in a simplified and proven environment. According to the developers, using the Hub, exchanges will be able to add support for IOTA in a matter of weeks, not months, as it was previously.

In addition, the Hub supports transaction, signed from the outside. The possibility of remote signing allows users to have a separate computer that has funds, but there is no access to the database. He Hub has access to the database, but not to the media. The connection provides a secure egRPC channel that can significantly improve the security and does not allow the attacker to gain complete control over the funds exchanges through hacking the system.

Hub code is published on GitHub “soon”.

The first platform using the new add to the listing IOTA, became the largest Korean exchange Upbit.

Today’s listing of IOTA on UPbit is a testimonial of how the IOTA Hub simplifies and expedites the listing process significantly.

UPBit official listing announcementhttps://t.co/hxgEzY3hFr

— IOTA (@iotatoken) August 3, 2018

According to the statement Upbit, listing IOTA was planned this weekend, but due to technical problems the schedule was changed. The new terms of the listing is not specified. It is expected that it will be done soon.

Thanks to the news about Hub and listing on a major stock exchange IOTA managed to play yesterday’s drop rate a bit and add in the price. As of 17:15 on the Kiev/Moscow the average course of bitcoin was $0,92. For the last day of quotation IOTA increased by 3.05%.