Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has donated $1 million of the company’s Coin Center, dedicated to research in the field of blockchain technology, and pledged to redouble the contributions of other companies, which will arrive in may, to $1 million

“We are very proud to announce a donation of $1 million of the company’s Coin Center is a “night’s watch” Cryptoprotected. We also complete all other contributions in the ratio of 1:1 up to $1 million during may. We hope that you will join us in support of their wonderful and important work,” wrote representatives of the Kraken on Twitter.

Executive Director of Coin Center’s Jerry Brito (Jerry Brito), in turn, announced the receipt of the contribution from the Kraken at the annual dinner Coin Center may 14.

“This participation will make a significant contribution and will help our organization prepare for the growing attention to cryptocurrencies here in DC. If You’ve been thinking about the donation to the Coin Center, now is the time. Your money will be doubled”, – said representatives of the research company.

Note, Coin Center is a non — profit analytical centre, contributing to the formation of the state policy in the field of blockchain technology. The company’s goal is to educate the public and regulators, are needed to promote innovation and growth in the industry. Coin Center conducts its own research and publishes the results of the work of academics and experts, providing accurate information to government agencies that then becomes the basis for political decisions.

I wonder what the exchange Kraken, whose members harshly criticized the attorney General of new York in regard to the “initiative integrity virtual markets” in April, made the largest donation in the entire history of Coin Center, working side by side with regulators.

“A lot of work that is conducted by Coin Center, is incredibly important — rely on it governments around the world. They were ardent defenders of the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and innovation. Their work benefits the community, industry and the people who have yet to hear of bitcoin. We are very proud to support their continuous efforts,” — said representatives of the exchange.

It is known that cryptocurrency investors are lately concerned about the threat of over-regulating industry of the blockchain. In particular, the view that all ICO-tokens are securities, expressed the Chairman of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton). However, SEC has not yet made a commitment to introduce such legislation and focused on the detection of fraud in this space: the regulator has launched a fake ICO “Howeycoins” with the corresponding Whitepaper to prompt the user to carefully check the company which they going to invest. It is worth noting, the name of the project was sent to the well-known test Howie, who for decades is the basis for the identification of securities.

In April, your view of the problem presented research Director at Coin Center, Peter van Valkenburg (Peter Van Valkenburgh), published a post in which he expressed confidence that the broadcast is not a security, and emphasized the difference between the ICO and by the tokens.

“The cost of ether and the functionality of Ethereum is not dependent on the Foundation, rather, it arises from the efforts of thousands of independent developers, miners and users,” wrote Valkenburg.

According to him, the token can not be called a security, as there is no such agreement, which would guarantee its future value.

Recall that in the present, Kraken is situated on the outskirts of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization in trading volume over the 24 hours, equal to $ 133 767 174. Thus the Kraken was the first bitkulovoy exchange quotes and indicators which were included in the Bloomberg Terminal. Representatives of the exchange also predicted growth of the cryptocurrency market to $1 trillion in 2018.