May 18, Hilton Kyiv Hotel and Restaurant COIN received the participants of the NEXT BLOCK Conference – event dedicated to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO. More than 500 guests were the first who learned about promising startups, among them — the first music label in the blockchain. The event ended with a VIP party with headliners of the conference.

The debut event from the company Krypton Events brought together on one stage foreign experts, never-speakers in Ukraine. Headlining was made by the founder of China’s largest bitcoin exchanges BBTC Bobby Lee, an analyst at VentureBeat Stuart Rogers and Simon Cocking — expert, whose name is included in the three world leaders in the blockchain industry.

“The main mistakes of beginners captainvalor: thinking too much and not to do; be afraid to invest; to invest in an asset and immediately sell it, being content with small profits,” Bobby Lee, the founder of the BTTC.

The prospects for Initial Coin Offering was dedicated to discussion with the founder of the investment platform Uliana Stybel, co-founder of Distributed Lab of Pavel Kravchenko, editor CryptoCoinNews Simon Coking, as well as investor and entrepreneur, Dmitry Chuprina.

About the promotion tools of the ICO projects, said an expert in conducting tomenselo Itay Adam, the founder of the marketing Agency Paris Childress, SEO Agency Blonde 2.0 Motty PIR and head of content policy, Finance Magnates Michael pearl. The discussion was moderated by VentureBeat analyst Stuart Rogers.

“When promoting the ICO do not lie and do not cut corners. Don’t be greedy and don’t try to sell as much as possible, come what may. Be organic,” the Nimrod may, marketing Director Sirin Labs.

Legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies was devoted to the speeches of the lawyers Abijah Arica and Michael Kharenko, Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine on reforms Dmytro Shymkiv and one of the authors of the Decree “on the development of the digital economy” of Belarus, lawyer Dmitry Matveev.

“Regulation strengthens market stability and his reputation, and also eliminates cheaters. Legalization is a bigger cash turnover and steady growth of the market. Sooner or later, without regulation can not do” — Abijah Arica, lawyer, head of blockchain innovation Nir Porat & Co.

Speakers business panel were the founders and CEO of blockchain startups, investors and providers of blockchain technology in the national markets. The object of their attention has been decentralized technologies and their application in the real world.

The first music label in the blockchain

Special guest of the conference was producer and consultant don Grierson received the Golden Apple Award from The Beatles also opened the American market Celine Dion. He presented a Ukrainian community project Younk is the first music label in the blockchain. The project allows the hit to hunters to invest in a promising hits using tokens and gives young musicians a direct route to market without the conclusion of contracts with record companies-monopolists. Presentation Younk was part of the pitch session of startups emerging on ICO.

The main cryptoparty 2018

Completes VIP after-party, where guests were entertained by a DJ, host, bartenders and performances. The star of the evening was the finalist of the competition “Voice of Ukraine” Jan Pilicka.

“NEXT BLOCK was an event that United the blockchain with the music industry, and the industries of fashion and media. We are pleased to see such a lively productive networking for the debut conference in Ukraine”, — Alice Berezutsky, SEO Krypton Events.

The NEXT BLOCK Conference organizers sincerely thank the participants, sponsors and media representatives covering the conference. About news and upcoming events Krypton Events, visit the website and in the Facebook group and page, LinkedIn.