Explorer units in Ethereum Etherscan.io has introduced a number of new features and began to track orders on some decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Wow, @etherscan has a lot of really cool new tools lately:

* DEX tracker: https://t.co/kvVjFlxkgv
* DEX order books: https://t.co/8p6mF34B7l
* Gas tracker: https://t.co/TetcmaXAnX
* Swarm search: https://t.co/7SdyUj9HhR

Glad to see ethereum growing such a robust ecosystem DEX!

— Vitalik “Not giving away ETH” Buterin (@VitalikButerin) 19 may 2018

So, on decentralized exchanges have no concept of a list of orders, and Etherscan will monitor proposed transactions for a number of platforms and assess trading activity, which could have a positive impact on the ecosystem of distributed sites.

In addition, Etherscan will allow users to track the price of gas in Ethereum.

We will remind, earlier Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) announced the launch of Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification (CS) 1.0 – built on open source cross-platform blockchain system to create confidence among smart contracts.