American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase could add support for 37 new all coin on the platform launched a month ago the service for the storage of digital assets of institutional investors Coinbase Custody.

Among cryptocurrency tokens, which are considered by the exchange as “existing” and “forthcoming”: EOS, Monero (XMR), VeChain (VEN), Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), the next token Telegram, rejected by the exchange terms of trade on its site startup XRP Ripple and many others.

According to the report, published in the blog exchange, is currently considering the integration of assets is discussed, Coinbase will add them “as quickly and safely as possible”, but only “storage”. Representatives emphasize: at the moment talking about adding all coin on the platform for trading is not.

In his message reminds Coinbase: tokens that are considered for trading purposes are measured using the GDAX Digital Asset Framework, and expanding the list of assets available for storage, is an indicator of the advent of new trading pairs.

As for Custody Coinbase, users can mark the emergence of a new all coin in the published API, however, the exchange “could not commit themselves as to whether these assets will be available on Coinbase Custody and when it will happen.” On the other hand, the exchange promises to keep users informed of the processes and events, which really should be expected.

“We make a statement to Coinbase employees and the General public at the same time, to continue to offer our customers a high level of transparency in relation to support of future assets,” reads the company blog.

It is worth noting, the service Coinbase Custody is established in order to solve the main problem of digital currencies from the perspective of institutional investors — a low level of security, was launched on 2 July. Reportedly, it uses a number of measures to ensure security, including “on-chain-segregation of scriptactive”, “geographically distributed offline protection transactions multipedes”, “reliable auditing and strict accountability of cold storage”. The company also plans to add a “secure, segregated hot wallets”.

In addition, Coinbase Custody is based on working in accordance with the provisions of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and is a member of the American Services regulation the financial services industry (FINRA) independent broker-dealer Electronic Transaction Clearing (ETC).

We will remind, in July, the exchange announced the addition of five new alithinou on its platform for trading. As this time, the company emphasized adhered to the principle of transparency, although the impact on the market, as always the case with Coinbase, it was. It is noteworthy that the ambiguity of such decisions was immediately ridiculed by the competing exchange Kraken.

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