Based on the statistics of Google Trends, head to the web site of the financial market ADVFN Clem chambers (Clem Chambers) believes that the worst is behind bitcoin. About this he wrote in his column on the Forbes website.

Examining the data of Google Trends, the chambers found that the search volume for bitcoin is comparable to such queries as “trump”, “Taylor swift” and “stock market” . And it says marked interest in the cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin has a huge brand. The world is fascinated by him.”

It is worth noting that Google Trends do not reflect actual volume of search. 100 means the peak popularity of on-demand and 50, roughly half of the peak value.

The number of requests for request “bitcoin” has reached its peak in December, with the stock market. The analysis of the last four months has shown that this period also saw peaks that correlate with the appreciation of BTC.

Chambers is confident that the worst is behind bitcoin.

However, he continues to wait for lower prices to buy more BTC: “I still hope that the price drops below $5000”. Although adds that this is unlikely.

“In terms of “trade war” trump and currency devaluation in China, it seems unlikely that bitcoin as a negotiable asset in dollar terms has lost its appeal. The current “problem in the middle East” will support races of bitcoin, so it is likely that we have seen the lows of the crash… I’m buying bitcoin at these levels and will do it further. If bitcoin collapses, I’ll be loaded,” wrote chambers.

However, the worst may not be quite behind. Because of the strong volatility of bitcoin. In recent days, the rate of BTC has dropped again, and the cryptocurrency fell again under the control of bears.

We will remind, in June Clem chambers said that the price of bitcoin will return to $20 thousand, and in the future will be able to achieve a much higher level – $100 thousand

According to CoinMarketCap, as of 15:55 in Kiev/Moscow the average rate BTC was $7074,29.