Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Binance bought a mobile Ethereum-wallet Wallet Trust.

In a press release released by the companies on Tuesday, said that the deal is beneficial to both parties. So, Binance will add support to the purse on its platform, and the wallet will have the opportunity to use the database users of the exchange and decentralized platform Binance Chain to their advantage.

Platform Trust Wallet open source works with tokens on the basis of Ethereum, decentralized, and capable of storing more than 20,000 cryptocurrency assets. Due to the fact that the service at check does not request personal user data, it has earned a good reputation among the crypto community interested in protecting your privacy. This was one of the determining factors when making Binance a purchase decision.

“Purses is the primary interface in cryptoamnesia. Safe and easy-to-use services become a key factor for the acceptance of crypto-currencies,” — said the head of the Binance, Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao).

The exchange’s plans to keep Trust Wallet as an Autonomous and independent brand, so the team of the service after the purchase continues to work independently. In addition, Binance is going to be taken over by Trust Wallet. For example, to integrate into the platform ecosystem Binance Chain.

“Trust Wallet is a fantastic opportunity to work with one of the largest and most respected exchanges in the world. We also share with a new partner perspectives on security and user management”, — commented on the deal, the founder of the purse Viktor Radchenko.

Thus Binance continues to enter into new partnerships and expand its range of services. A few days ago the blockchain incubator Binance Labs has invested in peer-to-peer platform Libra Credit, with which users will be able to take out loans in bitcoin. And in the beginning of the month, the company became the investor Founders Bank in Malta, bought a 5 percent stake. The main feature of the Bank that he is going to use a blockchain system, and manage it will be the owners of token.

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