Senior Manager and specialist in data analysis PwC Switzerland Roland Stadler (Stadler Roland) stated that for today from all types of digital assets, which at first glance look alike, the real application was received, only the digital currency. In the publication on the company website, he outlined his vision of the current situation in this field, and has led the classification of the digital asset for the cryptocurrency, utility and security tokens and specified the appropriate terminology.

So, in his opinion, bitcoin can be seen as a long-term investment and means of payment while utility – and security-tokens – as a venture capital investment in startups, which makes this investment a high risk.

Stadler also said that users should be skeptical of the popularity of ICO, the organizers believe that the advantage of the approach of “the blockchain, but not bitcoin”. He believes that most of these projects – fraud and honest projects are too small to resist manipulation in the market. At the same time, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies he calls important from a technological, sociological and economic perspectives for the realization of innovative business ideas.

Recall that the blockchain project Tezos announced that it commissioned an external audit of financial and operational information from PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland. Thus, the representative of the “big four” audit companies for the first time will appreciate the work the blockchain.