The developers of Ethereum discussed possible changes in the sequence of activation of the most anticipated updates of the platform, the Casper Protocol and sharding. According to co-founder Vitalik Buterin network, decisions will be activated at the same time.

Recall that PoS is the consensus algorithm for Ethereum Casper, the integration of which has long been planned by the developers, promises to be more energy efficient and to provide greater equality than the current system of PoW and sharding, in turn, is positioned as the key to solving the problem of network scalability, which will significantly increase the number of transactions.

It is reported that the possibility of joint activation products is due to new achievements in research. In particular, the idea is that Casper can be started on a “sidechained” — in the shard, and not in the form of a smart contract, as suggested earlier.

“This is a significant intermediate processing steps of the road map, but not the final product,” said Buterin.

He stressed that in case of activation the combination of technologies will allow to create a version of the Protocol, which will be much more efficient.

“This development, in fact, can scale to a theoretical maximum level”, — said Vitaly Buterin.

As you know, the current version of the Protocol Casper — Casper FFG — tested at customers in the form of a Ethereum smart contract entitled EIP 1011 — decisions, which can now be abandoned in favor of new development.

EIP 1011 author Danny Ryan (Danny Ryan), said that he “took a second to digest the information,” but he fully agreed, as the combined system will allow the team to “achieve more”.

In particular, the launch of Casper in the shard has a number of advantages, for example — a significant decrease in the size of the Deposit required to participate in steninge — 1500 ETH ETH up to 32, resulting in more effective participation by more users. In addition, as noted Buterin, the new model will allow Casper to be operated without disturbing to the Ethereum blockchain.

“Component Casper is somewhat separated from the main network. It means that development can take place, in a sense, less Intrusive way, it is possible to develop as a separate circuit, and it may have its own rules,” explained Buterin.

With arguments agreed and the project developer Sharding Justin Drake (Justin Drake).

“This allows us to use the new features, which radically changes the performance of the solution,” said Drake.

He also mentioned about the benefits of the new system from the point of view of increase of level of security. For example, such a system would provide “atomicity” Casper between nodes and sharding, increasing the safety performance of both systems.

“You can’t be a validator Casper, not being a validator of sharding,” said Drake.

In addition, we are talking about a new level of interaction between research groups Casper and Sharding.

“In General, there will be more unity between Casper and Sharding, and cohesion of teams promoting these projects. I think it’s great, there will be more network effects,” said the developer.

During the meeting, which discussed the possibility of simultaneous activation, the Ethereum developers were unanimous in that the upcoming hardwork platforms Constantinople would not include any changes related to Casper.

According to developer nick Johnson (Nick Johnson), hardwork will probably be held within five months and will present “improvements” that can “smooth out” some sharp corners: they are almost ready to launch and are not associated with the development of the Protocol.

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