Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Reis, wanting to demonstrate another example of the potential use of the first cryptocurrency created my own bitcoin-the machine. It is reported by CCN.

According to the businessman, it does not work with cryptocurrencies directly, but invests in bitcoin in 2016. He also said that the bitcoin coffee machine was created to explore the potential of the market, and also to show that the first cryptocurrency has a different potential use cases, including as a real “programmable money.”

“I designed the machine with bitcoin-transactions, to learn and to have fun. Playing equipment is my hobby. I was not going to make a commercial product, but just wanted to explore the possibilities of technology and to show people that bitcoin is “programmable money,” said Reis.

The machine starts when the bitcoins arrive at connected to her wallet. The device has a QR code that allows users to send money and to pay for coffee.

Video of the machine ramusino blog Flight on Medium.

Says Ricardo Reis, he used a Raspberry Pi processor and coded machine using PHP. At the moment, the coffee machine does not use the Lightning Network Protocol, but in the future Flight plans to use this technology to launch a new device.

As previously reported, the British company 50Cycles has introduced the world’s first electric bike that is able to produce cryptocurrency.