Japanese law enforcement agencies of the 10 prefectures have arrested 16 people suspected in a hidden mining. About this recently reported local news portal the Asahi Shimbun.

Among the detained men aged 18 to 48 years. They are accused of using malicious software that allows you to use the computing power of the victims for mining cryptocurrency without their consent.

Hisashi Sonoda (Sonoda Hisashi), Professor of law school of Conan, specializing in cybercrime, said that in this case, immediate arrests are possible to be superfluous.

However, when considering similar cases representatives of the Executive authorities do not rely on that. The current criminal case, as we told you earlier, will be the Japanese precedent of criminal prosecution of covert mining.

The police assumes that the suspects have created several web sites which spread Trojans, including known virus Coinhive for the extraction of anonymous currency Monero (XMR).

In the message Asahi Shimbun says that the maximum amount obtained through secret mining — 120,000 yen ($1084). However, the attackers got from them only about 758 USD 30% “Commission” Coinhive.

Recall that the malware was launched last year and became one of the most popular online tools for covert mining Monero. He was impressed with the sites of governments and universities, and in January 2018 it was discovered in advertising on YouTube.

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