Startup Circle has officially launched its app for digital investment and storage called Circle Invest.

The application, which is described as “built around investments, not trends,” on Tuesday it became available for download through Apple’s App Store and Google Play in 46 States. Before running the application has been tested in a limited number of users.

According to an email sent to clients, currently the company is working to soon make the app available in new York. Circle one of the four companies that received the Regulations in the state of new York, where there are strict rules for cryptocurrency exchanges.

In a message posted on the company blog, says that even though anyone can already download the app, it is still at the stage of “early access”.

The company also asked users to give feedback on this version of the application and highlighted its main advantages:

“Without lows, with instant deposits, no fees for different coins, with performance tracking and many others — we did investing in crypto currencies is a quick, simple and cheap, and we only just begun.”

On the website Circle said that the app allows users to invest or trade bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin, cash, litecoin, and ethereum classic, and in the future the number of tokens will be increased. Although XRP was in the screenshot in the original announcement about the launch of the application, the token is somehow not listed on the website.

To facilitate instant deposits, users can connect their Bank account. Additionally, the platform provides market data.

Notably, the app offers a trade without a fee. According to information on the website, Circle Invest earns money through the difference in 1.5-2 percentage points between the prices of purchase and sale of a token.

To protect customers, users offline storage, two-step verification and “privacy protection”.

Recall that a few weeks before the application starts, the Circle announced that it had acquired cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, which will serve as a basis for future crypto-supermarket.