In Ethereum there is a new game 3D FOMO (the acronym for “syndrome of lost profits”).

The essence of the game is that a registered user gets for the cryptocurrency Ethereum key (price of the latter increases gradually; at the time of writing it was 0.0054 ETH). Part of the proceeds from the purchase of the key is received as dividends, the participants of the game.

The key adds 30 seconds to the timer, the limited 24 hours. The player who buy the key before the end of time the timer receives a prize Fund consisting of investments of the previous players. As of July 23, the winner must receive the award in 21 405 ETH.

A Reddit user under the nickname AtLeastSignificant suggested that this type of game will be a weapon when hardforce or if there are any network failures.


“The year 2026. The prize Fund FOMO 3D reached nearly $40 trillion and contains 20% of all ETH. Entire communities are formed in order to gather enough ETH for the purchase of key FOMO in 3D. Other decentralized applications become unusable even in 2019, as the price of ETH began to grow too quickly, so that people can continue to pay the normal price for gas”, — has described a possible course of events, a Reddit user under the nickname shouldbdan.


Writes Trustnodes, for the past day in 3D FOMO had more than 25 thousand transactions in the amount of 15 thousand ETH. Some Reddit users have suggested that FOMO 3D will become “the next CryptoKitties” and “spammed” the Ethereum network.

The publication also notes that the chances of winning a prize in the near future is zero, so the only reason to buy a key at this stage is the opportunity to receive dividends. That is why the players attract new users that is reminiscent of a Ponzi scheme.

FOMO 3D has been called “the new Bitconnect” or “Bitconnect 2.0” because of the pyramidal component of the game.

Developer FOMO 3D Simon de La Ruver does not agree with the opinions on the questionable motives of the game.

“If you just feel FOMO 3D as gambling, you do not see the full picture. It is a living experiment with an interesting economy,” he said.

Note, the fate of the main prize pool is still uncertain, but it does not prevent new players to enter the FOMO 3D.

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