Head of the National Commission on securities and stock market of Ukraine (NSSMC) Timur Limp July 20, announced in Facebook that the financial stability Council of Ukraine supported the concept of regulation of transactions with cryptocurrencies in the country.

In particular, Limp said that the concept involves the recognition of certain categories of cryptocurrency and token financial instruments, and also assigns to public authorities the corresponding functions in the regulation of these instruments, licensing market participants and reporting. He said:

There is a consensus of officials and regulators, which gives hope for cooperation of the Verkhovna Rada and of the stock market and the emergence of a legal and regulatory framework for cryptocurrency circulation.

I wrote our website in the fall of 2017 in Ukraine held a meeting of the financial stability Board under the Cabinet of Ministers, which adopted a decision in the near future to establish the legal status of cryptocurrencies and create to this end the working group.

Since then, regulators have taken several steps in this direction. In particular, in the Parliament was registered the relevant draft laws, and mining was recognized by kind of economic activity.