The blockchain-a Digital Asset, headed by former top Manager of a financial conglomerate JPMorgan Chase , Blythe masters (Blythe Masters), has announced the beginning of cooperation with the cloud Google Cloud. It is expected that through this partnership, developers will be provided with new sets of tools and services for creating blockchain applications without the need to work on their code from scratch.

In addition, the Google Cloud will take part in the closed beta test programs for startup developers that will give them access to a set of development tools (SDK) language modeling of Digital Asset (DAML). In the future, DAML will develop according to the principle of “platform as a service” (PaaS) to help launch and testing blockchain applications, and developers will get access to it via the Google Cloud.

We will remind, this spring, Chinese Telecom giant Huawei has announced that it is preparing to launch a platform like “blockchain as a service” based solutions Hyperledger Fabric 1.0. On the new platform companies and developers will be able to create smart contracts, and then quickly and inexpensively deploy them in the Cloud Huawei for use in the data tracking of the supply chain in licenzirovanie securities and public services, ID verification and financial audit.