As reported to journalists the Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Storchak following the meeting of Finance Ministers and head of the Central banks of the countries of the Greater of twenty in Argentina, the parties have not agreed on a common approach to the regulation of cryptocurrencies. In particular, the Deputy Minister, quoted by RIA Novosti, said:

Apparently, there is no single approach… on the other hand, the Twenty clearly recognized that the risk to financial stability scriptactive not yet carry. This is the main conclusion.

As told to Storchak, the participants noted that, despite the absence of risk to the stability of global Finance, the situation in the sphere of digital assets needs to be tight control. In addition, the participating countries called on the Group of development of financial measures to combat money laundering (FATF) in October to establish standards applicable to cryptocurrencies.

Storchak has noticed that the risk of fraud in this area is of concern. They are particularly relevant while there is no regulation, so it was said at the meeting the protection of retail users of the cryptocurrency.

According to the Deputy Minister, the summit participants share a common view on the development of financial technology:

…Important that the agreements reached on non-interference in the technology for the production of cryptocurrencies, the technology of mining is performed. […] Business can feel relaxed.