Senior analyst investment platform, eToro’s Mati Greenspan is convinced that the best times are still ahead for bitcoin, and it is likely that captainvalor are on the verge of a powerful “bullish rally”.

We might just be on the cusp of the largest bitcoin bull run in history.

— Mati Greenspan (@MatiGreenspan) 23 on July 2018 R.

“We may now be on the verge of the biggest bull rally in the history of bitcoin”, said analyst at eToro.

One of the Twitter followers Greenspan asked about how the upcoming rally will be different from vnutritrekovye corrections observed in February and in April.

BTC/USD weekly chart — the periods of short-term recovery of prices on the background of bearish trend changing later to an even deeper recession

In response, the representative eToro expressed the opinion that the coming rally will be so powerful that these periods “will appear on the chart as price range”

So far it’s not. However, if we do see a massive surge over the next year, all three of these months will be flat on the chart.

— Mati Greenspan (@MatiGreenspan) 23 on July 2018 R.

However, some social media users took Greenspan’s optimistic statement with some skepticism. Quoting an analyst, many of his followers have made emphasis on the word “may”:

“Might” is such a strong word

— Vladimir Petelca (@VladimirPetelca) 23 on July 2018 R.

“might” yeah

— Crypto_Kelyoss (@CKelyoss) 23 on July 2018 R.

…and some even expressed confidence that all will be completely different:

Naaaahh… I dont think so..

— Dimmy (@Dimmy05261861) 23 on July 2018 R.

However, there are analysts, who generally share an optimistic attitude Greenspan. So, the head of the crypto division of the company Capco Romal Diamond believes that the main driver of market growth will be the arrival of institutional investors. The latter, according to him, are now showing a growing interest in digital currencies.

“Blackrock is a real indicator that the arrival of institutional money is a game changer. People should remember that the volume of the cryptocurrency market is now even less than one percent of daily volume on the Forex” — he stressed.

Also, the analyst Capco convinced that the main obstacles for the penetration of “big money” on the cryptocurrency market were insufficient regulation and lack of Mature solutions for the safe storage of digital assets.

A few days earlier, the head of Digital Currency Group is Barry Silbert also expressed optimism about future price movement, “digital gold”:

“As an asset class it [bitcoin] will remain forever. I am 100% sure that a decentralized, Nepeta form of money is here to stay”

Like many other analysts, Silbert also expressed confidence that bitcoin started from the bottom.

“Actually, last week I invested a little money in bitcoin”, he added.

We will remind, recently the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes expressed the opinion that bitcoin can grow up to the end of the year, up to $50,000, even if the price of it before it falls to $5000.