The process of accepting applications for affected clients of the infamous MtGox exchange is open and will last until 22 October, according to the website of the exchange.

After the Tokyo court decided to begin the process of civil rehabilitation, MtGox exchange website has information about the start of receiving applications from the victims.

Victims of bankruptcy, the exchange must apply again through the online for Thomas or in the form of a written application before the 22nd of October, that requirements were taken into account by the court. Former clients, the exchange must apply for compensation within the prescribed period, after which funds will be distributed to other victims.

However, the law remaining after distribution to creditors of funds to be paid to Mark Karpeles, founder of MtGox. The ex-head of the exchange said that it does not want to receive the money, but affected investors should receive compensation.

The new court order also ensures that a Trustee who has repeatedly aroused the indignation of the crypto community, simultaneously throwing out a large batch of bitcoins on the market, more will not repeat such actions.

Meanwhile, the MtGox case is not closed and the trial stage new actors: the representatives of Mizuho Bank will appear before US court to try to justify the criminal inaction, in the next stage of the lengthy proceedings in the case of the bankrupt MtGox exchange.

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