Host of the popular program Fast Money news channel CNBC Brian Kelly predicted that bitcoin price will rise significantly after the Commission on securities and stock exchanges will approve the ETF. However, in his opinion, this will not happen until August 2019.

While the Commission decided to deny ETFs, but in the future the decision may be revised. Possible legal battles that will lead to the gradual widespread approval.

SEC decided to refuse the applications for nine ETF for bitcoins, and another five applications are awaiting decision. Nine of the rejected applications included five from Direxion, Proshares and two from two from GraniteShares. Consolation is the fact that the Commission has postponed a decision on five ETFs. The office filed a hope that can take it after closer examination.

The announcement of a grant of $800 000 for a research project of the blockchain

The us government announced a grant of $818 433 on the new draft of the blockchain called Open Science Chain (OSC). Is a new platform that enables researchers to verify the data of scientific experiments.

The project is headed by Subhashini Sivagnanam, the developer of the structure and researcher, she now works in the center of the super-vychisleniyu San Diego. Funds for the project was allocated by the national science Foundation (NSF). This year NSF has distributed grants to a large number of development programmes blockchain.

Customs officers working with U.S. bloccano

Customs and border protection, U.S. (CBP) announced that it is testing a new program of the blockchain, which will help to ensure the implementation of the North American agreement on free trade and similar Central American agreement. The new decentralized program will verify the sources of products coming from outside the United States and to assess their authenticity.

American universities are turning to the applications of the blockchain

American universities consider the blockchain technology in a wide range of usage scenarios due to its tremendous potential. The application in question will help the government, private companies and public agencies to effectively achieve their goals.

Among academics who speak out in favor of crypto-currencies – Robert Strom, Professor of marketing at Miami University, David noble, Director of innovation and entrepreneurship at UConn and Lawrence Trautmann, Professor of Western Carolina University.

U.S. Congressman invites the leaders of the cryptocurrency sector to Washington

A member of Congress from Ohio Warren Davidson has invited leading representatives of the cryptocurrency sector to visit Washington to take part in further discussion of the ICO and the legislation in connection with cryptocurrencies.

The Congressman’s office collected more than thirty of the heads and founders of companies, and in the coming months they will meet. Davidson is part of the house of representatives Committee on financial transactions and can play a critical role in the fate of the cryptocurrency scene in America.

Court orders hacker to pay a Deposit in bitcoins

Creating a precedent, us magistrate judge Corley told the accused in the hacking of Martin Marcich to pay the equivalent of $750,000 in bitcoin as collateral.

Marcich stood trial for hacking the servers of the American company of video games Electronic Arts (EA) and video games illegal trade in the black markets of the Internet. It is accused of hacking into more than 25,000 accounts.

The Bank of Mexico may create an infrastructure of cryptocurrency payments

State Bank of Mexico announced that it is considering the possibility of establishing, in the near future, the infrastructure of cryptocurrency payments. Allows you to quickly and efficiently process electronic payments.

This is a historic decision of the Bank’s representatives announced during a public consultation process aimed at finding ways to use innovation Finance.