Under the auspices of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, Russian specialists are ready to provide blockchain-based platform to identify pirated content on the Network.

The project involved the Association IPChain, which actually completed the work on the creation of a product for copyright holders and Internet companies interested in strengthening the fight against the proliferation of unlicensed content on the web, reports TASS.

Adviser to the head of the Board of the SKOLKOVO Foundation on intellectual property Maxim Proksch said:

The technology of distributed registry provides the opportunity to develop an infrastructure solution for implementing anti-piracy Memorandum. On the basis of this technology has already launched a whole range of projects that have passed the test and passed in regular operation. The same principle works in the blockchain-a platform to control intellectual property developed by a startup IPChain

Proksch said that the SKOLKOVO Foundation is not only to provide support in the implementation of the project for copyright protection, but was one of its main initiators.

Representatives of Internet companies and rights holders, including the IT giant Yandex, on 1 November this year in Moscow signed an agreement in the form of so-called anti-piracy Memorandum. The essence of this agreement lies in the fact that companies are going to share links to pirated content for the subsequent transfer of materials for trial with distributors of unlicensed materials.

Will be created on the blockchain the platform registry references to illegal content, which Roskomnadzor will. The Memorandum will be valid until September of next year, by this time, Russian authorities may take anti-piracy law, therefore, the need to retain the Memorandum will disappear by itself.

On the part of owners in the signing of the agreement was attended by representatives of “Gazprom-Media”, VGTRK, CTC Media, Yandex, Vkontakte and other companies.