Mining pool SuprNova announced that the blockchain cryptocurrency Verge was attacked by 51% and all the correct blocks are rejected. According to them, the issue affects all pools and all the miners since an attacker at this point controls all units.

$XVG @vergecurrency is once again under attack, someone is 51%’ing the chain and invalidating all legit blocks. All pools and miners suffer from this, the attacker is getting all blocks currently.

— supr nova *no giveaways* (@SuprnovaPools) 22 may 2018

Representatives of the project had previously reported about a possible DDoS attack on pools and delay validation of blocks.

it appears some mining pools are under ddos attack and we are experiencing a delay in our blocks, we are working to resolve this.

— vergecurrency (@vergecurrency) May 22, 2018

We will remind, on 4 April, the Verge network was attacked by 51% due to a bug in the code.